Growth // Formation Cristalline + Lonely

Formation Cristalline, 2016, Stéphanie Kilgast
Formation Cristalline, 2016, Stéphanie Kilgast


I’ve been working hard these past weeks, developing different kinds of growth on canvases. I still have many ideas (too little time) and also prepared all the cavanses (yes I do the canvases myself!) that I want to make. I honestly thought about making a good 10 before trying to sell them on Saatchi, but I need at least 1 week per artwork aaaand I’m also going to be travelling (kinda) solo in 3 weeks to Asia! 😀
I’ll be away from the 13th to the 31st of October and will be going to a friend to Shanghai, and then solo to Beijing and Tokyo. Eeek I’m so excited about this!
Here the last two artworks I’ve been working on. If you’d rather not read about the why, just skip the next paragraphs.

Crystalline Formation
Mushrooms are crystallizing and forming a bunch of intricate mixed natural forms.
The background is geometric and divides the square artwork in three.
The color combination is yellow and blue.
The idea here is that ideas (mushrooms) are forming and crystallizing into artworks (crystals) rapidly. The geometric background places everything in a controlled environment, and is also opposing the erratic growth of ideas.

A bunch of sea urchins are having a get together, yet one is a little different.
The majority of sea urchins represent the majority of people, and are in red/pink, representing joy, happiness and contentment. The single green and blue sea urchin is there, among the others, but can’t fit in and thus feels lonely. The cold colors evoke melancholy and sadness.
Some humans feel more lonely among others, because their difference is sufficient for them to always feel out of place.

Ok, that’s about it!
I hope you like these two news ones!
Yes, I’ll be selling them, expect them to roll out in November. Subscribe to my newsletter (on the left or on the bottom of this page) to be sure to know exactly when these will be available!


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