Happy Bugs – Beetles

Eupholus Magnificus, Polymer Clay Sculpture, Stéphanie Kilgast


I’ve been working hard on my happy bugs project and have sculpted many different beetles this month. I also recorded all the sculptures and put them on my youtube channel.
The initial plan was to make different beetles and to make them dance in synch and filmed from top.
I started with the beautiful dotted Pachycoris Torridus, making the legs movable :

Of course that was far from enough, so ladybirds came to the rescue. Three types for a total of nine ladybirds.

And finally finished (just yesterday evening) three eupholus magnificus.

Here are the pictures of all the happy bugs I’ve made so far.
I’m unsure yet on the next, it’ll be either a couple of dancing mantis or a caterpillar barman.

I’m very excited about this project as I learn a lot along and it is very fun 😀
Insects are so fascinating in terms of skeleton, but also colors and textures, and I feel like this is going to be a years long obsession. But we’ll see!

What’s your favorite quirky insect?

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