Hmm, mostly boring stuff



I finished the first book from Stephenie Meyer. I’ll start the second soon. But my mood is too bad to start it yet. I should though, I think it’s the only possible way to get my brain out of my life.
I heard today from my teacher that my practice report (probably one of the most boring thing to do just after the practice itself) lacks of illustrations. That is a problem. I don’t have any illustration or graphics from my practice, because I didn’t take some. I’ve got some (very few maybe 3 or 4) drawings in a sketch book, but well… I would need to redo them in order for them to look presentable. Then, The report also lacks of text. Thats is also a problem. I don’t know what to say more. As if this would have any importance at all.

Well and then there’s still my architecture project which is in baby phase. No idea at all about its general shape let alone the structure. At least its settlement/setting up (??) is more or less done. My autocad file is still pretty empty though.
So yes we could assume that I feel pretty much down. (and I won’t tell you again how unpleased I am to live where I do)

I’m not sure how you could help me either. I just need to get rid of that here and not at home. I’m afraid my boyfriend will fall in a depression as well if I continue telling him about that.

That’s it.

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