Holidays? I wish!

NO need to read all this 😀
Thanks to a lovely Etsy friend from the EuropeanStreetTeam 🙂

Today I need a Mac/Apple geek.

I have a MacBook running under OS X.
Everthing was working fine until today.

I tried to log into the router-modem with the password and I just got the famous “connection time exceeded” (or something similar my mac is in French).

There also was another wifi connection without password in which I logged in and got into the web, but since I was afraid it wouldnt be sure I logged off very quickly.

I checked the access options and did this (which was probably stupid but I belive I did it on my Imac too – can’t check though):
Mac User : reading and writing
Admins: reading and writing (or just reading I didnt change that one)
Everyone: forbidden access (it was “only reading”)

I changed that both on the user’s order and on the Mac hard drive (had to use my password to change it)

Anyway, I continued googling and searching for the internet pb and read someyhere that someone could log to the wifi with windows opened.

So I started windows on the macbook (yes Windows is installed) and I got a message error talking about an issue of access. I thought that it may have something to do with the changing of the access options, so wanted to change them back to “normal”, but could not do it for the mac hard drive.
The little padlock remained closed.

So I thought, ok then just shut down the mac and restart it.

And since then: blue screen.

I tried to start it in safe mode, like they tell here:
I also tried alt+cmd+p+r (which applies to a gray screen but what the heck I’m clueless here)
But all I get in the so-called safe mode is a switching screen between a blue screen and a blue screen with a spinning wheel.

So if you have an idea on how to work through this I would be more than grateful.
Know some mac geek who could help? Then ask him/her!

I’m going to something like an apple store tomorrow, but if you have some ideas, shoot!


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