Hong Kong Exhibit – Work in Progress

Work in Progress, Hong Kong Exhibition
Work in Progress, Hong Kong Exhibition

So You know I’ll be exhibiting in the APM mall in Hong Kong (I’m getting used to teh idea) (oh btw did you know it’s 27°C right now over there? summer! summer dresses! aaaaaall miiine!) (ahem) ssoooo where were we? Yeah so the exhbiti in HK, and that means production!

So here a few WIP (works in progress)

Ok that’s it, I need to get back to work!

Bon euh en gros je bosse pour l’expo à HK 🙂
Et d’ailleurs, j’y retourne, j’ai de quoi faire!


 village of gingerbread houses 🙂
There will be bread, lots of it! Bread is my specialty and I have 2 bread displays ready and many ideas around bread.
this is just many cookies for a shop in Germany 🙂 no link to HK, just cuteness 🙂

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