Hope, Polar Bear Sculpture, 2018, Mixed Media, Stephanie Kilgast
Hope, Polar Bear Sculpture, 2018, Mixed Media, Stephanie Kilgast

The first sculpture of 2019 is a polar bear on an empty plastic bottle.
It sits there, while growth is developing on its back and on the bottle. While the plants or the bottle are dead, the plants which grow on it’s back are bright and rainbow colored.

The bear itself is looking up, with a faint smile on its lips.
I should know, I sculpted it.

In the middle of what is considered the next massive extinction of all living beings, this time thanks to us, it is very easy to fall into despair.
But despair, apart from being comfortable, is also completely useless.

We know each of our actions has some kind of environmental impact, so I urge you to reconsider your life and life choice and as a general rule, just consume a lot less.

To lessen your environmental impact their are many actions one can do, and although it is difficult to do them all, doing a few of these makes a different if multiplied by millions of others.

Here a non exhaustive list:

  • eat less or no meat – veg*an movement. Probably the most efficient way to reduce your environmental impact. More info about this here.
  • buy less, but better. Most of us don’t need new stuff, we just like the idea of having new things around the house. Before buying something new, consider if you really need it, if you can repair the old or buy something used before buying something new. You might also want to take into consideration if the item has been made ethically and with environmental concerns.
  • Pick the train. When travelling, and if you can, pick the train rather than the plane. Or consider travelling less.
  • Buy packaging free and in bulkZero Waste Movement. Pick your vegetables and fruit without packaging. Grab some fabric bags to carry them home. It is important that you use reusable bags for bulk. No point in using a new paper bag each time. Either invest in some lightweight fabric bags or make them yourself.
  • Have less or no kids. We are too many humans on Earth, especially in our “developed” countries we over consume everything, maybe it’s time to auto regulate.
  • Permaculture. If you own or have access to a garden, consider growing your own food and look into permaculture for that.
  • Don’t wait. The Earth and its inhabitants are dying because of us, start acting yourself, don’t expect change from the top, revolutions always start from the bottom.
  • Be kind to yourself and others. Remember, this is not a competition. It is not about being the purest, most moral and ethical person out there. Make baby steps if that works best for you or change everything overnight. Don’t expect others to be as fast and don’t hate them (or yourself) for not making enough changes.
  • Your turn! Feel free to add what I’m sure I have forgotten in the comments below.

We have the intelligence and technology to turn things around. It’s up to us and our own motivations.


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