I Hate it to Break it to You But I’m Still on a Break

Working my Way Back to Awesomeness
Picture on the beach of Plouharnel, taken by my father (I call him Pap’s)

Hey Folks!

Last post was about me hitting the ground, thus I got a few (worried and sweet) messages asking me how I was.
I’m fine. Not yet completely great, but gradually going back to my usual awesomeness.
There really has been too much work in my life and for a little too long, the SIMP was the culprit of my being fed-up and now I’m relaxing and enjoying my daily miniature veggie challenge.
And of course thinking a lot.

A very dear friend of mine suffered from a nervous depression because of too much work and there’s no way I’m letting myself slip into that direction, if I can avoid it.
I originally thought 2 weeks would be enough (1 week with my dad, 1 week alone) but frankly I don’t feel it and if I don’t feel it, no point in trying.

Eventually I’ll have to get back of course, you can’t really live without money. But for now.
Nope, nope, nope.

Maybe I’ll get back next week though. Who knows.
The fact that I’m writing on this blog is already very promising 😀

And for the very near future, be prepared to see some actual content and not just visual prettiness 🙂
I’ve always been thinking a lot about our food habits, more and more frankly speaking, and I think I’ll send my work in that direction. I’m willing to take more risks about my opinions. Because really art is all about the artist’s point of view, so I’m going to embrace that.
So far I’ve always felt my work was lacking of sense, and now it (finally!) is falling into place.
Maybe I can change the world in the end.
But more on that on next post 🙂

Enjoy your summer!

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