In Trees We Trust

In Trees We Trust, Sculpture, 2017, Artwork by Stéphanie Kilgast
In Trees We Trust, Sculpture, 2017, Artwork by Stéphanie Kilgast


So I have finished another artwork, which is a mixture of a tree and a hand.
I got inspired by these tree studies I did in summer (and the book the Hidden Life of Trees), but also by the actual research on the intelligence of trees.
There is a documentary right now in the french theaters “L’Intelligence des Arbres” (“The Intelligence of Trees“) which is absolutely fascinating. There is evidence about electrical communication, but also auditive and olfactive.
This new research helps to better understand the functioning of plants but also crucial to create a better agriculture, which is more efficient and less devastating to the environment.

In very short, the idea is to find ways to communicate with plants so they react better to certain environments, but also to plant them better. Better planting usually goes through mixing the plant you want to harvest with other plants to create a biodiversity that is going to be sustainable and also repelling to certain insects. This is called permaculture, where you design agriculture to look like a biodiverse forest. Again, I’m awfully brief about it.

I would highly suggest to read more about it, especially if you own a garden, as with some learning you will be able to have high yields without the use of any chemicals. Growing your own food, even if it’s just a bit, is a wonderful way to fight climate change.

Below, more pictures of this artwork, which is available, among my other sculptures, here.


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