Indonesian Deforestation

Indonesian Deforestation, 2017, Sculptural Painting, Stéphanie Kilgast
Indonesian Deforestation, 2017, Sculptural Painting, Stéphanie Kilgast

So I finally finished the artwork about the Indonesian Deforestation.
I applied the last bits of paint last week and the last bits of varnish yesterday.

About the Artwork

It is a rather straight-forward artwork. The Indonesian Rainforests have experienced a loss of 50% in just 50 years, so I cut the artwork in two, replacing what used to be the rainforests with an outlined human, rough black paint and some text.
I thought at some point to just fill this space with text, going into the various reasons of the deforestation (palm oil industry, unsustainable logging, too much logging roads, etc)  but all have one common denominator : humans, so I decided this would be more to the point.

I filled the human space with following text :

Conversion to
Palm Oil
Plantations for
Damn It
Get your shit
We Just
1 Earth

I decided to put light on the palm oil industry, as I feel that is what westerners can work on more easily without much effort, just avoid unsustainable palm oil products using or give up palm oil as a whole, since it’s not a necessary ingredient in most cases.
And I wanted a “funny” catchy end, hence the cursing.

More info about deforestation :

I’ve also read a bunch of articles on Center for International Forestry Research, but can’t find the specific ones I read, so here just two :

Why is Deforestation an Issue?

80% of Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests. Rainforests are loaded with unique biodiversity.
Forest soak up carbon dioxyde and store it away, destroying forests, especially through fire, releases all the CO2 back in the atmosphere.
Rainforest soils are moist, without trees, they dry up and end up being transformed into deserts.

Thoughtful Living

In a nutshell, I would like to remind everyone that what may balance our future from “completely doomed” to “it sucks, but it’s still livable” is everyone making tiny changes in their life, so here, next to “avoid palm oil”, just a few suggestions, working towards zero waste (using your own bags when shopping, buying from local farmers, avoiding heavily packaged foods), buying less, reducing your meat consumption, and the 5 R from Zero Waste Home : refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot.
Support planting trees by using to search the web and disable adblock is another easy thing to do.
And unless you care about beauty products, olive oil as facial cream works great and if your skin doesn’t like it after a couple of weeks, you still can revert back to whatever you were using before.

Sculpting Details and Tutorials

If you have been following my work closely, you will know I have recorded a lot of this artwork for my youtube channel, and here below is a list of all sculptures that I did record.

Javan rhinoceros :
Orangutan :
Recycled Paper Palm Trees : (I ended up not using this one, as they were too fragile and just didn’t quite fit)
Rafflesia Arnoldii :
Pitcher Plant Nepenthes :
Titan Arum :
Javan Green Magpie :
Sumatran Tiger :
Orchids :


I’ve send it to the art competition of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. I expect there will be much better artists than me competing, so I don’t believe I’ll win, however I hope the artwork will be selected for the exhibition. Of course, I try not to hope too much either, so we will see.

Lastly I would like to thank my patreons who have supported me financially, your help means the world to me!
But also all those who have watched, commented and liked my youtube videos, supporting me financially with their time.
Thank you!



E D I T //

The topic is very complex, and I think it’s best to lower the palm oil market as a whole, which has proven to be very destructive.
However, Palm oil has a very high yield, at least twice as much as any other oil.
So choosing sustainable palm oil in certain products can be a good option.
I avoid palm oil completely, but I also tend to avoid coconut oil as this is going down the same path of deforestation as palm oil.
Not always easy to make ethical and environmental choices.

Read more :
Can Palm Oil Deforestation Be Stopped? // Why Only Sustainable Intensification Can Save Indonesia’s Forests
Why Everyone, Including Vegans, Should Consume Palm Oil

E D I T //

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