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It Looks Human…. #fail

2016-02-29 18.51.07
as you can clearly see, it looks human, which is already something, am I right? If you can recognize Leo Dicaprio, I’d suggest to get a pair of glasses haha 😀


Edit : I filmed the process of sculpting this failed attempt and uploaded it on youtube :

Also, a reader send me a link to an article describing Leo as not such a great engaged environmentalist.
And while I still believe he has done A LOT more for the environment just because he happens to be famous and was able to speak at the UN about the issue, it is fair to scrutinize his own lifestyle a bit and not blame yourself if you decided to buy canned chickpeas instead of making them from scratch. (yes I blame myself for that on a regular basis)

That being said, I find it terrible that you have to be “perfect” to be engaged or an activist. So I won’t share that particular article, because I think it’s mostly sensationalist and feeds anger more than positive change. The article was in the daily mail, so I’m sure google can help you out if you must.


Today, Leo won his first Oscar, woooot!
And because Leonardo Dicaprio is also pretty awesome otherwise, he’s also an environmentalist. (and THAT is a dear theme to me)
SO I was thrilled to see he took the chance to talk about climate change during his speech.

“Climate change is real. It is happening right now.”
“Let us not take this planet for granted.”
“stop procrastinating…For our children and for those people out there whose voices have been drowned out by the politics of greed.”

THANK YOU! I can shout as much as I want about the environment, but Leo has a bit more influence than I do (go figure!) so yaay!

I wanted to mark this day with some sort of sculpture, so I had the (stupid) idea to sculpt his face… and what can I say? 😀 I think the whole neighborhood heard me laughing during the different steps of the sculpt… pffmuhahahaha!!
So ahem, it is my first human sculpt, so I have a (sloppy) excuse, but I don’t even see a little ressemblance in the sculpture.
At some point, I just gave up and thought, hey! maybe with paint it’ll be better?
Nope. Nope. Nope. hahahaha XD
It’s probably about time to work on human faces, I suppose… huhuhu!

But Leo won! Yaay!
And let us not forget the planet!
If you are wondering what you can do about the environment, start with your meat.

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