January 2017 // Art Diary

Artworks of January 2017, Stephanie Kilgast
Artworks of January 2017, Stephanie Kilgast


Hello there!

The idea is to document every month what I’ve been up too, here and on my youtube channel, so I can have a clearer view of what I’m doing and also force myself to put words on what I’m trying to achieve. I mostly have no clue and follow ideas I find interesting or just want to sculpt. I come to realize that as an artist I’m here to make things but should let others decide on the relevancy and quality of it. I simply do the only thing I can, art.
All of these artworks are available for purchase in my shop.

Sculptural Paintings

I finished two sculptural paintings.
One of a chameleon head into plants/crystals transformation (or is it the other way around?) and one of a mushroom island.
On these I have focussed on a very visual and abstract approach. Balancing shapes and colors into a (hopefully) coherent picture. It’s been very blue and coldish and I very much look forward to work on a bright orange/pink combo next month.

Progressed on the Indonesian Deforestation

Even though this one is far from done, I sculpted and recorded some pitcher plants, rafflesia arnoldii, titan arum, and some green magpie.
The Indonesian rainforests have experienced a loss of 50% in just 50 years, which is why I started this project last year. Like most of my work, it grows as I sculpt and I only now start to have a clear picture of the end work.

Surrealistic Sculptures : Ani’bugs

Talking about environmental issues, or political issues in general (the world goes awry, Trump’s a good example of that right now) is important to me but also important for artists as a whole, but it gets depressing. So I found working on surrealistic sculptures like these animal/bugs really helps me keep some sort of sanity. They just simply make me happy, and that is crucial.

Art Calls

Working on my art career, means getting noticed and I decided to give art calls and competitions a go. So far I only send work to one (didn’t win) but have found 4 that would suit my work, so this is good.

Plans for February

– finish the Indonesian Deforestation artwork as I want to sent it to an art competition.
– make/choose artworks for the art calls and competitions (and don’t get depressed when I don’t win, which is likely)
– find artist friends and make connections in the art world so my work can be found by art collectors (hello there! if you are an artist actually making a living as an artist, shout!)
– continue doing what’s in my mind without judging it before it’s actually finished. (because judging your own ideas is paralyzing at best)

So despite the general mayhem on Earth right now, I must say, selfishly, my year has had a good creative start so far!
Let me know if you have any thoughts about art, art careers or anything related below, or what you’ve been up to in January 🙂

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