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Jellyfish Sculptures

Meduse / Jellyfish Sculpture, Stéphanie Kilgast


Missed me? I realize that between my youtube channel, the holidays and my wish to storm the art market and you know, evolve as an artist (…) the blog really has lost its regularity.
But hey, that means I have some great stuff coming up for the next blog posts! As I have many on going projects and some can be presented by now.
But let’s dive in, shall we? Huhu…


I started these with a youtube tutorial I put up in April, and made six different.
Originally, I thought of making more, but my interest for these dropped.
And I finally put these jellyfishes up for sale.
Ahem… after some thinking, and after wasting a whole day photographing and listing these… I decided otherwise. They look great as a group composition, and as I’m working towards the art market, I think it’d be wise to make that composition truly happen and hangable. I might never sell it and it might be a total financial waste, but it makes sense in my current journey. So instead of proposing to sell these, I’m just showing you pictures 🙂


Want to sculpt your own jellyfishes with your own color and shape choices?
This youtube tutorial should help you out 🙂


I hope you’ll enjoy these! 🙂

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