Life Update Since I Don’t Sculpt Much Right Now

Credit for the picture goes to Wow Shanghai Magazine.


Everyone’s miniaturizing but me right now and it feels a bit weird but ha! Can’t be bothered right now 😀

So we have cats 🙂
Two sweet hearts, taken at the shelter where they were since 1 good year.
They’re here since 2 weeks now and they seem happy, purring, playing with us, feeding, grooming and even playing together ^^
Unfortunately Puss caught the cat flu when arriving here (the vet said it was probably because of the stress of changing living spaces and so on) and her eyes got really infected. So I had to give her meds and pour some cream into her eyes. She’s not quite well yet, but it seems way better 🙂 She doesn’t seem to bother much and is the biggest player between the two. I’m checking the little one, but she seems ok. Both have been vaccinated though, so I suppose it can’t go all to badly.

Arya, 2 years old
Puss, 9 years old.

We also started visiting houses and we visited two gorgeous potential houses today. And one well… we’re really thinking of getting that house. It is… it is… beautiful. Big garden (where there should be veggies! veggies! and fruit treeees), big house. And rather cheap one for the size and quality.
We still need to go to the bank for the credit and so on. But it feels good. We need to think it through, but as soon as we know, I’ll be sure to post TONS of pictures 🙂

Hm, yup, pretty much it.
I hope you’re all doing great, be it on holidays or at your working place.


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