Long Time No See!

Delicate Three Layers Cake With Strawberries
It Seems like the Christmas rush is finally calming down. Did I just say finally? Well… forget it 😀
I did some customs orders as well and still have some to do.
As you can see my blog isn’t on the first page of ma website yet, which is terrible in my opinion. I suppose I’ll have time between Xmas and New Year to work on that!

I also received some awesome gifts, some from Mercedes and my EuropeanStreetTeam Xmas swap. I’ll make some photos tomorrow and show you 🙂

And I redesigned some of my classic food jewelry designs:
The tiny croissants are now way flakier 😛

And the tiny sushi earrings hang from nice sterling silver hooks (that I made myself as well)

Ok that’s it 🙂
Now goign to catch up with friends on different blogs and forums!

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