Loooong Post about Fairs and Stuff

SIMP Miniature Fair 2013, Stéphanie Kilgast Booth

SIMP Miniature Fair 2013, Stéphanie Kilgast

Hello Folks!

Sooo I’ve been so über busy I haven’t had the time to blog much lately.
But I have a few things to share and openly thank some people 🙂

Et comme je suis franchement pas en avance, je vous envoie vers Google translate, Reverso ou que sais-je pour la traduction. Ouais c’est nul et je suis désolée. Visez ma tête avec des tomates, ça défoule ^^’

SIMP – Miniature Fair in Paris

It was awesome! I sold loads and talked a lot with people. Here a recap:
– My book was a huge success (I sold all the copies I had with me in 40 minutes)
– Sarah, a cute girl from Singapore came to say hi and gave me a Kinder Bueno (that I shared with my BF just yesterday). Sarah if you read this, I was very happy to meet you 🙂 You made me feel like a star ^^
– I purchased tons of stuff from one of my favorite miniaturists, Pierluigi (PiMini), which is a sweetheart and always so nice. He works with metal and with great precision and care. Not the first time I buy from him, but this time I took something totally useless, yet totally necessary. A very very very small birdcage.
– I got fabrics and ribbons from www.cinderellaminiaturen.com
– Paper Cake Stands from true2scale
– Pottery from Elisabeth Causeret


Book Story

– It sells like hot cakes! I didn’t expect it to be that successful. I’m still not earning money (since I did pay for the printing, I have to sell a certain amount before making any benefits) but I’m very close to it and I started to sell it just a month ago.
– I’ve been packing and running to the postal office daily and let me tell you books are heavy things.



Exhibition in Shanghai

Yes! I’ve been invited for an exhibit in Shanghai. And it’s in less than 3 weeks. So how to put it? I’m totally freaking out!

Also, if you have tips for Shanghai, I’m all ears!

Online Shops

As you might have noticed, my online shop is empty but the book.
That is normal, I have way too much on my hands to concentrate on sending out my work. I will be reopening in August, but I might take 1 week or 2 off, to recharge my batteries 🙂


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