Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse

Gooood Morning!

So we got up at 3 in the morning to see the lunar eclipse. Without much hope we also took my camera and the 55-250 mm zoom with the tripod and my wide-angle lens.
We managed some ok shots, so that’s good 🙂
But, frankly, the sky was much more beautiful in real. We went to a spot where there was hardly any light pollution (then again, even in the middle of Vannes, light pollution is rather low) and the sky was breath taking!
You could clearly see the milky way and we met with friends, so we had a nice chat and some cake while watching the stars. Heaven I tell you 🙂

Stars over the Morbihan Gulf
Stars over the Morbihan Gulf

I never shot stars before, so I had a hard time to get the focus right until we just lit up a boat nearby with our flashlight to focus on that 🙂


un focused but kinda cool
too much noise but pretty anyway
the lunar eclipse ending

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