Mad World


I don’t have any answers, but I’ll try anyway.

In January, liberty of expression has been attacked and it was outrageous, it was unbearable. I could not work properly for weeks, let alone function.
This time, our free lifestyle has been attacked.
Fear is so palpable right now that panic movements already happened yesterday in Paris.
People are afraid, because nothing seems safe anymore.
It probably never was, but there’s a line between knowing and being confronted with the harsh reality.
Yes, I know about the atrocities isis committed in other countries, yes I weeped for those lost lives too, I wept for the raped women and children, the killed people, all in the name of a deity.

There is no ranking among tragedies, they are all despicable.

How do you react in face of zealots, in face of people who are convinced to act for the greater good? To rid earth from all perversion?
When perversion is going out with friends, dancing, eating out, not marrying, loving freely, as a woman being the equal to any man… in short : living.

I do not believe in any deity. Nobody is going to save us but ourselves.
Being a decent human being is not that complicated, just don’t hurt others. That’s it. Nothing else.
it’s so easy, every kid understands that.

I wish people would be reasonable.
I wish they would not try to force their beliefs on other, especially not through murder.
I wish people would open their eyes and start caring about their peers and the environment.
I wish people would not kill.

What now?
We are left with a broken world, a world that has been broken in 2001 and that we can’t seem to be able to fix.
Love as hard as you can, spread kindness, spread reason are the only idealistic ways I found to live by, but I’m not going to lie, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the racist backlash that will only worsen everything. I am afraid of war and loosing yet more humans. I’m afraid of religious wars, because we all know how bad the crusades were.

So I will continue harder to spread happiness through my work. To encourage love and kindness.
Because that is all I can do.
I suppose if we all do, maybe there’s some hope.


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