Meet John and Mia


After a stressful week with 2 wholesale orders to finish, I needed a dolly break.
John & Mia have been with us for a few months already, but I never got around to show them. They both are from HollandsWorth. And perfect for 1:12 scale.
They also look pretty cool, which is a nice change to the cute bjds I have. I love how Mia is dressed, but I have a slight (hahaha) stripe addiction, so I’m biased ^^

The table I did myself, the shelf is from AmazingMiniatures @ Etsy, the fish picture is from Frances Melhop, the chairs Reac Japans.

Just a picture because Alice is adorable with her big blue eyes and her blue hair.

And this is what I’ve been working on this week, the order left today for Hong Kong 🙂

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