Mercredi Miniature – Abandoned Kitchen – Part 2

Miniature Abandoned Kitchen Sculpture, 2014, Stéphanie Kilgast

Abandoned Kitchen – Part 1

The “1 scene per week” challenge seems impossible for me, so I’m changing it into a “Working on Scenes every week”… ‘thing’. (we can’t really call that a challenge, now, can we?)
So the goal is to ensure I’m working every week on miniature art, as to push myself to more creativity and also to finally create at least a fraction of what I have in mind.
So it’s still pretty exciting 🙂

Back to the things at hand today : the abandoned kitchen scene. I added some vegetation, to remind us that life keeps on whatever happens to humans and their creations.
And since drawing veins with a quill is vaguely time-consuming I’m still not finished 😀
Hopefully next week!

Stay tuned 😛

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