The Miniature and Gigantic – Conference in Paris

The Miniature and Gigantic, Conference à Paris

Long time that I haven’t blogged. I’ve been busy complying orders and growing my youtube channel lately. Not counting sculpting hybrids and bugs and other on going projects.

This week I’m going to Paris to a conference called “The Miniature and Gigantic”, where I’m going to talk for about 10 minutes on Friday.
I’ll be joining the whole conference which is taking place both on Thursday and Friday.
In the case you’d like to join, you may, it’s free. You just need to register here.

I’ve even prepared a power point presentation! I’ll be talking about the utopian world of the dollhouse miniature world, and then the more artistic dystopian world of alternative miniature worlds.
I’m very eager to go there, as I think the whole brain storming might open a few possibilities in my own mind.
I also bring alone a bit of my miniature work to show.

As I’m quite the food addict I also already checked a few vegan restaurants to go to. Most excited to go to Hank for their vegan burgers and Vegan Folie’s for their pastries. I *really* hope these will be good. I’ve checked for exhibitions too, but honestly, I think I’m just going to stroll through the city and stuff myself with food. Yup. Might do just that 😀

I strongly plan to find a more regular blogging schedule as well, as well, yes! I do enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts. I’ve played with the idea to share my thoughts over on youtube, but I’m not too sure about that yet. Time will tell.
Until then,

P.S.: in case you are wondering, as it’s just this week-end.
No, I’m not participating at the SIMP this year and do not really plan to ever go there again.

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