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Miniature Rainbow Pastries Sculptures, 2013, Stéphanie Kilgast
Miniature Rainbow Pastries Sculptures, 2013, Stéphanie Kilgast


Soo I haven’t had a chance to finish my gay marriage dessert table in miniature with the rainbow croquembouche as center piece. So for the Shanghai exhibit, I sort of put together two other croquembouche cakes and three plates of sweets and pastries. I made them clean looking, in a modern bright colorful way.

Since I still plan to finish that table at some point, I’m selling the pastries and cakes I used for the exhibit. Because that’s not how I see the table. I’m still struggling a bit around that table, since the table itself is already so strong in colors. I think I’ll go for neutral pastries to make it more subtle. Or maybe do… eeek… flowers! hahahaha! riiight that’s going to happen.
In any case I feel that table will need some time to be put together. 🙂

Find these miniature pastries in my etsy shop.
Of course if you’d rather not go through etsy, just email me sk(at)

The croquembouche are those I made for my book as well, so if you prefer to make one yourself, you can also get my miniature food tutorial book.

And in any case I hope you’ll enjoy the eye candy 🙂



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