Modular Dollhouse Update

Hey hey,
I’m on vacation right now, which explains the lack of minifood photos and commenting/e-mail answering 🙂
Since I have time, I spent it with my boyfriend on a 5000 pieces puzzle and on my dollhouse.
I made a tiny office room in the dining room and used some re-ment to give some life to my kitchen.
Rather fun if you ask me 😀
I’m also working on a second kitchen, with an Elf Minaitures Kit.
Not sure when the kitchen will be done but I can’t wait 🙂

Various sellers:
Study table is from Elf Miniatures
Chair from REAC Japan
various minis are from re-ment
tiny dollhouse is from
guinea pigs are from
rabbit is by
Crocheted cushions are by
toys are from

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