Modular Dollhouse – Windows

I eventually made the window frames. No “glass” yet, I’m not sure I’ll put some either, I’ll see!
All the frames are made using balsa wood. I know it’s a pretty crappy wood, but it’s the one I have at home and it’s easy to cut 🙂
The “poster” is one of my art postcards. It’s the only I have in my etsy shop for now.

You can see a few items from etsy sellers:
the sea cupboard is from and made on order.
The striped cushions are by
I’ve got a few turnings from not sure if they very visible though.
You can find a LOT of great miniature items on etsy my typing the tag “teammids” you may also see our team’s website!

Oh and the ikea like shelf is from The Dollhouse Emporium.

Ok that’s it for now!

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