New-York, New-Yoooooork!

Hey, hey!

I haven’t written much in here the past weeks and this is because I have been working my butt out to finish all the orders before I live for holidays. This year is going to be extra special becauuuuse *drum roll* I’M GOING TO NYC!!!
I cannot express how excited I am about this! I hardly can focus on work lately and tend to read blogs and advices about NYC and what to eat and where to go. Let me tell you, our week of holidays is going to be packed!!

Je n’ai pas beaucoup écrit ces derniers temps car j’ai un travail monstreux avant de partir en vacances. Cette année je pars à NEW-YORK!!! Ouuuuuuaaaaaais!!!

Il est difficile de faire passer le sentiment d’extase pure à l’idée d’aller à NYC. Tour ce que je peux vous dire c’est que notre semaine sera remplie à craquer!

And here what’s coming with me yaaay!
Et voici le contenu de mon sac

1. Vivo Barefoot shoes.
I’ve been wearing Kali shoes for 2 years on a daily basis and just got the new version.
2. Bracelets!
The rainbow one is from JustLena
The button one from P8 Button Art
The others I made with Honestly WTF
3. NY guide, book version, because I love that collection, so I always get a book wherever I go.
4. Small pouch with girly stuff.
5. Best lip care of the world Green Tea by PetiteThrela
6. Kindle 3 in a cute pouch from Rogue Theory
7. BEST BAG EVER! from Minus
Large and so resistant! I often carry with me all you can see plus my camera and a bottle of water, so heavy stuff. This bag never ever lets me down, I broke so many bags I lost count, but this one, still here and the fabric aged into something absolutely dashing. (which you can’t see on that picture really)
8. Camera gear.
Canon 60mm EFS, 18-55 and 10-22
9. Smartphone with NYC apps and a NYC map.
10. Wallet from an Etsy seller who stopped booo
11. Passport in a cute case from Dear Sukie
12. My moleskine. A brand new one, ’cause my first moleskine has been filled with ideas, recipe and various notes 🙂
13. Cute pens
14. Laptop in a gorgeous Brokesy Cover

So far I’ve planned / pour l’instant au planning :
the highline, top of the rock, moma, guggenheim, ground zero, williamsburgbridge + smorgasburg (brooklyn flea market), central park

If you have any suggestions, shoot!

Si vous avez des idées, n’hésitez pas!


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