Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification, Ink and Watercolor Painting, Stephanie Kilgast, 2020
Ocean Acidification, Ink and Watercolor Painting, Stephanie Kilgast, 2020

Ocean Acidification

I am currently working with Pangeaseed Foundation on a future print to release at the end of the year for ocean conservation.

I offered to make three different paintings and to let people choose their favorites at the end. Here is the first in some more muted colors.

Ocean acidification happens excessive CO2 production is absorbed by oceans making them more acidic.
This is destroying reef beyond salvaging, when the oceans become more acidic they start to dissolve anything that is bony. That includes of course the base structure of coral reefs. Corals are a symbiosis of a bone-like structure and some algae. The algae leaves the coral when the oceans are getting warmer, but they can come back if the temperature goes back down.
However with acidification the damage is far worse as the structure itself is weakened.

Read more about it:

– International Union for the Conservation of Nature – Issues Brief

– Smithsonian Institution

– National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Ocean acidification

– The Ocean is Getting More Acidic – National Geographic

Coloring Page

I made this painting into a coloring page as well for you to enjoy and maybe ponder about ocean acidification with your kids or friends.
Many of us are still self isolating and I don’t think life is going to go back to whatever it used to be so fast, so here a small gift from me to keep you occupied.

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