Oh no already another post?

Yeah well I blog weirdly, nothing in 1 month and suddenly twice a day? Tss!
But I just received a copy of “Make Jewellery“, and it’s the August issue where I’ll be featured in 🙂
(They used a picture of another woman instead of me, which is a little awkward but apart from that it’s pretty cool :P)

And since good things always come in pairs (actually no but today yes!)
I’ll also be in an article by Sophia Twadell in “the Miniature Collector“, in the August issue.

And I’ve been busy listing some cakes and macarons in my online shop, so be sure to pop in and grab them. I still need some furniture in our new home and I so wanted a marine striped bikini. Not sure my wallet allows this though :/ Me begging? naah 😀


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