Our Awesome and Unfinished Home

Sunshine in our Kitchen

Hello! 🙂

It is raining here, hence we can’t go to the beach sooooo we’re working on our home, which is rare enough.
We got the place last year around May, and it was fit to live in (still is) but you always have minor decoration changes to make and also (minor and major) issues to solve.
Right now, we have one (still) unresolved very small leak on the wall in the kitchen. JY has bettered the issue greatly, but it’s not quite resolved yet. The floor in our bedroom needs to be changed.
The bedroom upstairs is being painted white for more luminosity and the floor also needs to be changed there…
I could make a longer list, but the rest is really details and not much of a problem.

Ok, so let’s dive into what we already did!
The main door used to be a … a… sort of beige/brown aged mix and recently in London, I finally knew it had to be yellow to fit our terra cotta floor.
The hexagonal mirrors I added a while ago. And also the curtain you see on your left.

the door before
the door after (still needs a second coating of yellow)

The bathroom has been painted white (last year though), it used to be an aged ochre kind of thing. It looked too roman and antiqu-y to me, and I love white walls.
The door you see on the right shelf was broken, so we removed it, the basket were from the people living here before. JY put the curtain rods up about 1 month ago and yesterday I finally started the curtains. The middle rod isn’t put up yet.

before we moved in, the shelf door on the right was broken
walls painted in white
curtains being added

The bathroom isn’t quite finished yet, but I prefer it. I’m guessing from the picture you might prefer the first one, but again, we had NO baskets and NO door, so it looked meh.
Here another picture to better grasp the color feel of the bathroom now, as it’s a bit hard to photograph. The bathroom has no natural light, so the bright yellow curtain brings a lot of cheer into it. Gah now I’m justifying my personal choices…

All that sewing transformed our dinning table (temporarily) into a sewing table

The upper bedroom is being painted white and we’ll probably do something fun on the walls there, not sure what yet. We also want to change the floor and the curtains. No real rush though.

And for the sheer joy of it, a global picture of the upper floor.
As you can see on the left, those before us who painted the walls, stopped in mid-track. They did that kind of thing in various places, starting well and then at some point, they must have said “f*ck this, I want to read a book” and stopped 😀
The small stairs look awful, we need to remove that old carpet, sand the stairs and put something else there, or just paint. We can’t be bothered yet though.
You can also see on the right a blue thing, that’s my yoga mat! As I practice sport almost daily, be it exercises or yoga.

Ok, this was a small tour of a not-decor-magazine-fit home 🙂



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