The Polymer Arts – Spring 2018

The Polymer Arts, Spring 2018


Just a note on an article I wrote for The Polymer Arts that goes into details about my sculpting process from life to a sculpture.
The tone is put on miniature sculpting, but the process is still similar to how I work now. It’s a 6 page article I wrote and I’m very happy with how it turned out!
I’m also surrounded by great so-called “polymer” artists, so you might want to check out the issue if you’re into art, sculpture and/or polymer clay.
Here just an excerpt of my article.

My work has also been in some other art magazines : Average Art Magazine (february 2018) and Wotisart Magazine (dec. 2017)

I always update the magazines I appear in in my CV : right now I still put them all, I expect at some point I might do a selection. Hopefully!

Ok, that’s pretty much it!

The Polymer Arts, Spring 2018

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