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Cookie Jar - How to Sculpt With Polymer Clay, Stephanie Kilgast on Skillshare

Pimp your Jars

Hello! I finished a bunch of new skillshare classes, and I can't quite recall which one I talked about on my blog. The latests two are about embellishing your old glass jars, one is using miniature succulents and the other with giant cookies! I have to admit, I quite love the cookie look, it is so fitting in a kitchen and I'm super pleased with how they turned out. Really like to use them in my daily life! Skillshare If you don't know skillshare, it's a bit like netflix, you pay a monthly subscription and can watch as many art tutorials and business classes about arts and crafts as you wish. If you've never tried Skillshare before, you can try it ...
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Bee on Concrete, 2018, Watercolor on Paper, Stephanie Kilgast


I finished the first painting of what might become a bigger series, but who knows? This first painting depicts a bee on whose back are growing flowers. The background is a mixture of alcoves and cracked concrete for a... maybe a little too... dramatic setting. Of course, the underlying idea is to paint a portrait of dying wild bees, due to our reckless habits and activities. Mostly pesticides, deforestation, agriculture. And yes, these three are linked! I am developing a healthy fascination for insects and their habitats and since reading the book "a history of bees" by Maja Lunde, I've been painting bees, first as a form of practice, depicting wild bees in the painting "Apidae", and now I just want ...
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