Personal cake challenge

While I was searching for cake photos on flickr, I stumbled upon this white chocolate cake, and instantly fell in love with it!

So I did a mini version of it:

And as I needed to make a full cake first in order to have 2 slices (yes I have two slices):

Yes and while you’re all in awe and searching all my shop links where these slices could possible be, which means:
my etsy shop, my dawanda (yeah I know it’s still empty) and my website (yup I know my online shop still doesn’t exist)
I need to tell you that these are for the SIMP 2009. And IF I have some spare time (hahaha) I may make them for my shop 😀 😀

But I promise I have a beautiful porcelain plate filled with chocolates which just waits to be photographed and to go in my etsy shop 😉


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