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Candi(e)d Watch, 2017, Art Print, Stephanie Kilgast
Candi(e)d Watch, 2017, Art Print, Stephanie Kilgast

It is through my artwork that I learned to photograph properly but also to enjoy photographing!
When I started sculpting miniature food back in 2007 I owned a bridge camera and did my best to capture the details. I learned tricks to get the pictures right, to compose them as worked best.
Below one of my very first cake in 2007, captured with a bridge camera from Sony on aluminum foil, which I thought looked intriguing.

Miniature Cake, 2007, Stephanie Kilgast
Miniature Cake, 2007, Stephanie Kilgast

And as I started to fall in love with miniature sculpting, the question of selling my work quickly arose and I had to make proper pictures of my work.
At that time I would post pictures of my work on Flickr. This picture of donuts worked really well for me at that time, believe it or not, I was silly enough to save a cropped version only of this one on my computer. I never thought I would use these as actual photographs.

Miniature Donuts, 2008, Stephanie Kilgast
Miniature Donuts, 2008, Stephanie Kilgast

Later on, as my business grew and my interest in photography as well, I invested in my first DSLR and to be honest, the first tries were disappointing! I knew my sony bridge so well that I could use it at its best, but the new dslr was unknown territory for me, so the new pictures were not better than the old ones. At least at first.

Here some pictures taken with my “old” sony :

And here some with my new canon DSLR, the black forest cake immensely improved!

And I learned and kept going, investing as years grew by in better lenses and a tripod.
And my work changed as well! I had a phase where my work grew so big, I didn’t know how to photograph it anymore, but since a good year I have invested in some paper backgrounds and am now back at enjoying the photography part!

Over the years, people have always enjoyed my photographies, sometimes more than the actual sculptures… I kid you not! Because people often don’t know what to do with a sculpture, especially miniature food! But a photographic print? That’s easy to deal with, you put it on your wall! Thus, after so many years, I decided to really give art prints a go.

I picked some good pictures, re-shot certain sculptures to have better results, did everything right from lowering ISO to 100, using a tripod, reshooting over and over again to get just the right pictures and then went to my local print shop and tried many prints before settling on those I liked best!

To kick this all off I am offering -20% on all Art Prints until Monday 25th!
Simply use the coupon code JUNEARTPRINTS during checkout.

This will also allow me to invest in more art prints as we go, so now it’s your turn!
Which sculpture would you love an art print of?
Let me know in the comments below!



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