I’ll Be Teaching in Pilsen!

Teaching at Polymer Clay Week, Pilsen
Teaching at Polymer Clay Week, Pilsen

I am VERY excited to finally be able to share this project with you!
I have been asked a few weeks ago to teach during the Polymer Week in Pilsen, in October 2018 and after some initial difficulties on my side, I decided (with the help of the organizer) to offer you these 3D versions of my beetle / mushroom paintings.

My Class

I have a personal preference for sculptures and am not so much into jewelry, as I hardly wear any. So when I’m asked to do jewelry for a class or a tutorial, I usually go through different stages of sketching, self-loathing, more sketching, more self-loathing and then I tend to talk to whoever asked me to get some feedback on my ideas so I can start working.

But I am pleased as punch with what I came up with for this class!
I designed a few variations, simply because during my classes I encourage students to pretty much do what they really want around the techniques I am proposing. I want students to be empowered to choose the colors and shapes they like best and use their favorite tools, while doing an object they will actually be able to enjoy or use, be it a sculpture or a piece of jewelry.

Event Details

If you would like to attend the polymer clay week in the lovely town of Pilsen, here is the website.
They also have a facebook event. The registrations are starting on May 10th.
They are many other great teachers that are going to be part of it, and many friends that I’ll see again, so I’m very happy to be part of this event!

Sculptures & Jewelry

These are the variations I made to show the possibilities of the class but of course, the variations are truly endless, especially if you let your own imagination and skills be part of it!

I will also list the sculptures and jewelry on my website this week-end, along with the mushroom brooches.
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I really hope you love these as much as I loved making them!

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