Play & Fear

Mushroom Composition #2 (Rainbow), Watercolor Painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast
Mushroom Composition #2 (Rainbow), Watercolor Painting, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast

Lately I have been doing a lot of watercolor paintings.
There are very enjoyable for me to do.
There’s not much thinking.
Mostly lines and colors.
Sometimes I fail.
Sometimes I succeed.
I would say they are pretty.
Some of them are more “in line” with my current sculptural series of growth on objects.
Growth on buildings.
Growth in halls.
Growth on walls.
But sometimes, the watercolors are just…
And so I am afraid of sharing them.
They seem too little.
Too easy.
Too pointless.
I enjoy making them,
which as a whole should be
But the gaze of others is always looming.
Some artists,
on top of making beautiful art,
use their artwork to teach about the natural world (Tiffany Bozic)
Are engaged for crucial matters (the dying of corals with Courtney Coral)
Talk about emotional and mental issues (Christina Mrozik)
And so I feel my work is never enough.
Especially the paintings.
But play is important.
And they make me happy.
So I do them anyway.
Despite the doubts.


If you like these paintings, you’ll find them here.
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