Poison Dart

Poison D'Art, Tin Can Sculpture, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast
Poison D’Art, Tin Can Sculpture, 2018, Stephanie Kilgast

Hey Folks! 🙂

I finished this new tin can sculpture today, it will be available end of May with others of my artworks.
I have decided to make monthly shop updates for now, that way I can send you one monthly newsletter for an artwork update and it’s also easier to handle on my side.

Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, so you don’t miss my artwork!

We’ll see if I keep it a monthly update or do my usual, it’s finished! I want to sell it NOW way ^^’

Poison d’Art

This sculpture’s title is “poison d’art” because of the two “poison dart” frogs that inhabit it. I changed the dart into d’art, because it means “of art” in french, hence “poison of art”. (poison is the same word and meaning in french)

I like the gooey oil spill with the tin can and the colorful growth, I feel it captures quite well the impact of human activities on the environnement and nature relentlessly growing back. I have other trash at home waiting to be beautified, but I keep getting back to tin cans these days.


On a side note, I will be travelling to my parents the coming weeks, so my shop will either be closed, or I’ll leave a note and what sells will be shipped when I’m back on the 22nd of May.
I’m very happy for these holidays, the last holidays I had were last summer in August, and I have been needing a proper break for months. 🙂

ok, that’s about it!



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