Preparing the Got Craft Market in London + New Toy

Many rings for the London Market
Many rings for the London Market
Hey Everyone!
Today is going to be a long post 🙂
First thing first: I haaaaave a neeew cameraaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yaaay! I wanted to ask it for Xmas first, but hey, once I decide on something I turn into an impatient little girl. So I proudly present my Canon EOS 550D (with me in the bathroom, how classy, right? XD).
I made tons of pictures and tried out most of what was written in the manual, but I still need some time to adjust to the awesomeness of this camera ^^
 Me and my new love ♥
I tried to capture water drops, but somehow the picture was so dark. So I put the ISO really high (1600 ttss) but still :/ I shot different pictures but none were bright enough. In the end I changed levels, luminosity and contrast on photoshop and here you go.
I don’t know how to make it good. But maybe the lens I have is just not meant to shot that kind of pictures?
As you might know, I’ll be in LONDON soon (did I mention that I love my life?) and will be at the craft market Got Craft?
Now that particular market hands out to the 30 first arrives a swag bag, and I’m going to spoil them rotten ^^


 Swag bags – my participation


Just a few necklaces on a jewelry tree ^^

I also swapped quite a lot lately but didn’t had the time to show you. In fact now that I’m writing I’m thinking I forgot a few things… ahem >< well next time maybe…
So anyway, I swapped with L♥valizious so my doll also have way too early Xmas gifts ^^

 Just some new clothes for my dolls from L♥valizious
My dolls look so cool, right? 😀

And I worked on better bread and bakery items. Well it’s not really finished yet, but my new camera wanted to shot whatever was in the room XD
Unvarnished and unfinished, but hey bread nonetheless. I hopefully am going to finish those soon and make a proper miniature bread post about it 🙂


Ooh and I got published in a few different things, Make Jewellery, and the Dawanda LoveBooks French Edition and English Edition 🙂
Actually I also started to work on the I’m a Giant Challenge (at last!) but no proper pictures since I’m still building the “room”. Hopefully it’ll get as awesome as I have it in head ^^’
P.s.: euuh pour le français cf. google translate muhahahaha!

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