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Candy Succulent Backpack, Designed by Stephanie Kilgast
Candy Succulent Backpack, Designed by Stephanie Kilgast

Hello There!

Today, I’ve been actively working on photoshop, creating motifs and collages that would fit onto print on demand products.
It all started with browsing skillshare and seeing a class called :
Creating Art That Sells : A Working Artist’s Guide
Basically it’s about selling on so-called print-on-demand websites, like redbubble or society6.
And the nifty idea behind it is to create what is called “passive income”, where you do work up front, and then it will bring you money regularly without extra work.
This is actually true, as I do sell on my redbubble shop monthly … even though, the amount is probably just enough for a kid’s sized pizza.
So yes, it works, IF you actually work on it… so “passive” is always a bit misleading, as nobody talks about uploading new stuff on those sites on a regular basis or promoting the heck out of it.

Since my incomes right now are, let’s just face it, ridiculously low and certainly do not amount to my rent and food.
I’m giving this all thing another try.

Patterns & Motifs

So I spend time today assembling bits and pieces to create patterns and motifs for phone cases and what not.
It was actually pretty fun to make these. I honestly really like the backpack and clock, both objects I have been needing for a while at home, so might put them on my Christmas wish list.


Yes, more are to come. For one because it’s actually enjoyable to imagine that my art is going to be exposed elsewhere than in my own home, and also because I hope this will bring in some cash $_$
What can I say? I don’t want to end up cutting my ear off.

Check all these products out in my redbubble shop or on society6!

So do you like these?

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