A Tale Of Knowledge, Sculpture, 2020

A Tale of Knowledge

Epoxy clay, aluminum foil and wire, acrylics, paper on reclaimed book
H25 x W33 x D24 cm
Original One of A Kind Artwork

This piece was made for the upcoming show “Lucid” with Beinart Gallery.
Check price and availability with Beinart Gallery.

Pâte epoxy, fil et feuille d’aluminium, acrylique et papier sur livre d’occasion
Oeuvre originale unique



I feel these days science and knowledge are discarded for stupidity or financial gains. Especially by politicians but also a lot by the people. (I mean… flat earth theory?? chem’ trails??) It’s like science and learning isn’t cool right now and I find that disheartening. We can’t take intelligent and just decisions without knowledge.
It’s ok not to know about something, but when you see you are lacking information in a debate, admit your lack of knowledge and seek it in order to have an informed opinion about the subject at hand. And seek if from reliable sources.

And there’s a big misconception of the notion of “belief” and “scientific theory”, there are not the same. A scientific theory is build on facts and observation, it basically is trying to explain the seen facts and observation. Theories are tested through experimentation.

A belief is Santa Claus. You don’t have to test it for it to be a belief, you just believe, no questions asked.