B’s Dead, Corals on Barbie Doll, 2019

B’s Dead

Epoxy clay, polymer clay, wire, acrylics on artist’s own childhood barbie doll
Unframed size : 45 L x 45 W x 5 H cm
Framed size : 62 L x 62 W x 18 H cm
Original One of A Kind Artwork

Available, please contact Trinity Art Gallery in London if interested.


Using the Barbie doll I was playing with as a kid, I turned it into this artwork.
I started pouring some leftover acrylic paint over her and then slowly added detailled and delicate representations of coral reefs over her body, reminiscent of a drowned toy.
the Barbie doll is quite representative of everything that is going awry in today’s society, over consumption (she is a so called “fashion” doll), plastic but also beauty standards and vanity.