SOLD – Bee Disappearance, 2018

Bee Disappearance
Watercolor Painting on Fabriano Paper,
300 g/m2, 50% Cotton, Fine Grain, Cold Pressed
26 x 36 cm – 10 x 14 inches

For prints you can find this paintingĀ on my society6 and redbubble shop.

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The painting “bee disappearance” is showing a hairy wild whose wings are made of lily flowers.
The bee and flowers almost disappear into the background which features the same hues of colors.

depicts a fluffy bee on which back are growing various flowers.
The surrealistic being is placed on background mixing bee alcove and cracking concrete for a urban setting.

Wild bees are currently dying, not just honey bees, all bees, we sadly do not really know the extinction rate, however we know that without pollinator insects, we are going to be in trouble.


Alternatively, you can also get an art print of this painting.

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