Human Tide, 2020


Artwork : Human Tide
Mixed Media Sculpture on a Empty Paint Bucket 
25 H x 31 x 19 cm

Oeuvre d’Art : Blue Boletus
Sculpture en Médias Mixtes sur Boîte de Conserve

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A polar bear on an empty paint bucket.
The bucket acts as a cave, in which nature inspired shapes are growing. The cave (bucket) is covered in a black very shiny goo, reminiscent of oil.
The trash is a representation of humanity and what we leave in our wake.
We are currently experiencing a mass extinction, only this time the cause isn’t an asteroid but us, humans.
I will also be giving 10% of the price to conservation organisations, which are trying hard to contain the biodiversity loss. (I haven’t decided which one yet, so if you have one that you love, you can tell me and I’ll check its rating)