Hyacinth Macaw, Sculpture, 2019



Epoxy clay, polymer clay, acrylics on thrifted jug
41 H x 28 W x 18 cm

Original One of A Kind Artwork

Ara hyacinthe
Pâte epoxy, pâte polymère, acrylique sur coupe de glace en plastique chinée
Oeuvre originale unique


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Found this rusty rainbow jug at a local charity shop and I imagined macaws flying around.
I picked the hyacinth macaw, which happens to be the largest species with a length from head to tip of tail of 100 cm.
I picked it because this beautiful bird is endangered, classified as vulnerable, due to habitat loss and pet trade.
According to the IUCN its number is decreasing.
Unfortunately just another endangered species in this 6th mass extinction.


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