What is Life? What is Death? nr. 10 Praying Mantis / Mushroom, Painting, 2018


What is Life? What is Death? nr. 10 Praying Mantis / Mushroom
Watercolor Painting on 100% Cotton Paper, Fine Grain, Cold Pressed,
18 x 24 cm – 7 x 9,5 inches

Framed in a glossy black aluminum frame, with glass.
Adjusted and protected with a custom cut passe-partout.

Size of frame 24 x 30 cm – 900g

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This is the tenth painting of the series and I decided to turn nr. 9 around, and this time use a simple colorless background and color as well the bug as the biodiversity growing on top of its half.

This is an original watercolor painting on 100% cotton paper. It is part of a series of work titled “what is life? what is death?” where insects are visually halved in two parts. On one side, the insect is living, on the other, it is covered in life, albeit itself dead.
On a microscopic level, he isn’t truly dead as the bacteria he was hosting and which permitted him to live is still alive.
And on an atomic level, the concept of death is nonsensical.

These are all questions and thoughts that came up when I started to divide these insects in two parts, the question of life is quite fascinating. Is a rock alive? Does that question even have a sense.

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