Ray of Sunshine

Ray of Sunshine, Sculptural Painting, 2017, Stephanie Kilgast
Ray of Sunshine, Sculptural Painting, 2017, Stephanie Kilgast

Hey There!

I have finished another small sculptural paintings.
I decided to replace “Wave” with this one for the art call of the Jonathan Levine gallery. It is a gallery I’ve been enjoying and following for quite some time and it’s unlikely I’ll win, as I’m pretty sure the competition must be tight, but at least I did the best I could.


The artwork “Ray of Sunshine” follows the current work flow of growth and opposition, where abstract painting cuts through a lush biodiversity.
As per usual, the ruthless cutting symbolises human activities, that are destructive, yet have the potential to be beautiful.

This time I opposed yellow/orange to a dark violet.
I feel oddly comfortable with those warm colors these days, I find blue/purple much harder to work on, mostly because I am always under the impression I’m sculpting a fairy tale when I pick blue as the main color. But it’s probably just a question of finding the right shades and the right opposing colors.


Also, on a side note, I’m reworking “Desertification“. It just was all over the place and I never liked it much. So It’s getting a make over you could say, it’s going to be a little long to do though as I’m adding quite a bit of biodiversity to it. I’ve also added some ruthless abstraction, and it’s already looking much better.
You will have to stay tuned for that one 🙂


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