Reforestation (logging machine) 2019, Stephanie Kilgast
Reforestation (logging machine) 2019, Stephanie Kilgast

Most forests are being cut down these days for agriculture, so our food systems are currently destroying our eco systems.
But what if we had a different way of growing food that would need forests?
This is the goal of permaculture, also known as agroforestry.

To make it real short, the idea of it is to imitate the forest and create a small eco system where you plant various crops together, that will help each other other out.

It is also the life mission of Trees for Future, who have been working on that for the last three decades with proven results.
I stumbled upon their work through a ceramist who was raising funds for them, and looked into their approach a little bit more. I also checked their association on charity navigator and after careful consideration, decided thew were truly a good association to work with.

So I created this painting of a logging machine, typically used for deforestation, that is being over grown with a colorful nature.

The painting is going to be auctioned here and I will donate 10% of the end price to
However, feel free to donate on your own. I really believe that this type of association can offer a real future to humanity.


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