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Lainathiel Rose Pig Sculpture

Rose Pig Sculpture, Stéphanie Kilgast
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I finished a new hybrid sculpture yesterday, a rose pig (it’s a girl!) named Lainathiel. It’s been entirely made out of polymer clay (I used fimo) however the head is too heavy to put it in a vase. If I even work on flowers again, I’ll have to think about that particular issue. It’s also the reason I finished it off as a lying sculpture.
I leave it up to you to think of the why and story behind, as I’m sure it’ll be more interesting anyway. Let me just tell that I also thought about domestication when thinking of it. As both the rose and that particular pig have been domesticated over centuries by humans.
The whole process has been recorded and put up on youtube, so go check it out!

Following more pictures and details of the sculpture.

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