Rust, Sculpture, 2017, Stéphanie Kilgast
Rust, Sculpture, 2017, Stéphanie Kilgast


Hey there!
Finished the sculpture Rust just an hour ago and will send this one… well a picture of it… to a french art call for a collective exhibition.
Wish me luck!
All my applications have been complete failures so far, but at some point one will have to work out, right? right?

Rust is another twist on growing biodiversity on trash, but this time, I got inspired by the natural rust of the can’s inside, so I went a little nuts. I also decided on more muted colors for this one, and the whole sculpture very much reminds me of the underwater world.


Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving for holidays, first hiking with friends in France, then visiting family in cool places. My parents are in Berlin, so I’ll go there but I also have relatives in Helsinki, where I haven’t been since 17 years. Time flies I guess.
I’m a little bit confused emotionally, as all I can think of or want to do is sculpt right now, but it’s also been drenching me to exhaustion. I’ve been accidentally cutting myself while cooking 4 times this week, a sign that I truly need some vacation. I have no motivation to work out either, another good sign that I lost a grip on reality and all I can come up with for food is pasta and veggies. Don’t get me wrong, I love pasta and veggies, but just that for weeks? Well.
Also been having slight anxiety attacks when faced with high bills and let’s just not talk about that pain that goes from the center of my back just right through my chest, shall we?

Ok, gotta go, I still want to make a skillshare class before leaving tomorrow. Hahahaha… ahem. Writing it down sounds completely delusional, but I’ll try.


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