Sculpting A-head.


Elephant work in progress, Stéphanie Kilgast
Elephant work in progress, Stéphanie Kilgast

Pfff haha… hmm
Bad pun in the title just up there.
Got it? (sculpting a head and ahead…)
This time, cheery me is back and the gloomy emotional me is somewhere tucked in a drawer in the back of my head.
Relieved? Yeah, me too.
Sometimes, I find it so odd, how much saying the things that nag at you out loud, can so dramatically help.
After a tear rich day and poem last time, I finally felt like sculpting again.
So have started working on an elephant! Yaay!
You can see it unfold soon enough, especially if you follow me on instagram or facebook.

I’m also very much trying to be nice with myself, by taking it slow and accepting lazy me to peek out.
I think I have not allowed myself to rest much last year, out of fear of depression, as when I create, I don’t think, hence I’m happy.
So facing the empty and my head can lead to difficult situations.
Thus why I am usually so incredibly productive. It is out of sheer necessity, to stay sane.

But, let’s put the gloom aside and go back to my elephant.
It’s a she (of course! I only sculpt females) and she has no name yet. I will find an elvish one that fits her, so it’ll be a continuation of Valanistima and Beriana.
It’s a pattern and project I enjoy.
Lady elephant, if all goes well, is going to be partly a tree. Oh how exciting!
The idea came up when chit-chatting with JY, who wanted to paint something and decided on an elephant. His idea and drawing ended waaay too gory for me to share with you. What is it with guys and gory stuff? Seriously?
But within all the talk, the idea came up and I just sculpted away.

Right now, I’m working on her legs, I still need to work on her body, ears and of course add more details and paint at the end.
Such sculptures are usually rather big things to do.

Hope you like her 🙂


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