Seeking Surrealism

Lava, Sculpture, Mixed Media, 2017, Stéphanie Kilgast
Lava, Sculpture, Mixed Media, 2017, Stéphanie Kilgast

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Lately, I’ve been trying to push my sculptures into a subtle surrealism, without falling to much into fairyland.
Proves harder than expected, but art is harder than you might think.
I’ve also finally tried to work with human objects, it’s been on my mind for quite some time, and I’m still toying around with ideas and possibilities.
To keep your work coherent is a fine line between letting your mind flow and yet not indulging in creating everything that goes on in your own mind.
These extensions of “growth” are a bit the counter side of the balance between humans and nature. This time, nature is taking over. Earth might loose a big chunk of biodiversity, but it’ll be fine, humans just might not see it.

I feel very wary these days considering the faith of humankind, it all seems a little hopeless at times.
Western “developed” societies are so intertwined in a destructive system of ever growing and mind numbing consumption that I don’t really see how we can heal what we destroyed. More often than not, it seems we are putting a bandage on a broken leg. We often focus on details and it seems most of us, especially the powerful ones, are in complete denial. Or they just don’t care, it’s hard to tell.

It is a pity, as humans have so much to offer in terms of intellectual and scientific advancement, as much as in cultural ones, but these days humans are reduced and described as consumers, when we really thrive as creators and thinkers.
And it’s always the “consumer’s” fault, as if anyone ever asked to have apples wrapped twice in packaging or to be fed that being happy is to own new things on a daily basis.
A lot of our precious ressources are completely wasted on junk, excessive packaging, or simply unsustainable practices.
More than ever we need to find a balance between being intellectually and culturally satisfied without turning earth into a place that is hostile for humans.
Because, that’s what it’s about.
Earth doesn’t care, she has seen much worse.

On this bright note, July is plastic free month in Australia, and while I’m always a little cautious about putting all the responsibility onto the “consumer’s” shoulders. (As if we would only exist to consume good or bad products…)
It is always good to start somewhere and if the industrials and the governments don’t care about reducing plastic packaging and one-use plastic containers, we will not just stand by and watch.
Here plastic free july, it’s mostly about refusing what they call “single-use plastic” : straws, plastic containers for food, plastic bags, plastic water bottles and plastic packaging.

EDIT : in my personal non artistic life, I already live rather plastic free : I drink tap water from glass bottle, I make my own vegan milk (oats or almonds), I never use plastic bags to shop, my beauty routine is alep soap and olive oil and I mostly buy bulk at the farmer’s market for local fruit and vegetables or in our organic shop for rice and grains.
However I tend to buy tofu and occasionally fake meats (we eat vegan at home) and I don’t want to stop using normal toothpaste. We also get take-out foods from time to time.


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