Series State of my Mind, Sculpture and Tin Cans, Stéphanie Kilgast, 2017
Series State of my Mind, Sculpture and Tin Cans, Stéphanie Kilgast, 2017

Hello Folks!

I started a new series of work in a more systematic way last week and have been working on it on a daily basis. Basically I let sculptures grow on tin cans. I finished three new ones since last time… yes, I basically haven’t stopped working since then ^^


Red mushrooms and an anemone inspired diamond shape around. It is oddly tactile and enchanting, mostly intuitive but it looks almost sexual to me for some reason. It talks about the passion that can grow so steadily and strong. Not just passion for another human being, but passion for an occupation, art form or experiences. Very much what I feel when sculpting.


The blue one features crystals around the tin can opening and a wide open mouth with a tongue inside. I wanted to talk about the impossible hunger that can inhabit one person never to be completely satisfied with one’s life or work, to always seek more and go further in life. It is a dangerous path as satisfaction with one self leads to serenity and inner peace. Yoga helps but I don’t kid myself, I’m always on the look-out for more and better in my own work.


A feeling that every artist has to deal with on a daily basis. Too much and it get can paralyze or push you to quit, too little and your artwork gets complacent and doesn’t evolve much.
There’s always a love-hate relationship with doubt, so necessary, yet so exhausting.

Well, that’s pretty much for now, but this series is growing in my heart and mind. It feels right to talk about balance between nature and us, and it leaves enough freedom to add layers of meaning on top.

The tin can artworks are available here.


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