Shanghai – World Expo 2010

Posts about our trip to Shanghai.

The following day we were brave and went out in the sun to the World Expo area.
We walked a bit around and marveled at the arena building.
We encountered the sweetest frog in the Japanese garden (and yes we forgot to take pics of that garden… it was just too hot to think about taking pictures).
We arrived along the Huangpu River, sat down in the shadows and stuffed ourselves with cereal bars. 
We snapped a few pics.
At that point it was about 39ยฐC, so we thought it would be good to eat something consistent and went into a sushi restaurant (yes we know sushi is Japanese. But sushi is cold, that is nice when the weather’s hot).
And we went to the China Art Museum.
It’s a huge rather bulky red building. JY likes the idea but sees it as too bulky. I’m not so sure, it kinda reminds me of a big Lego toy.

Getting into the museum is a bit absurd. You arrive on the opposite side of the building, you pass what was supposed to be the main entrance, to walk to a small ticket vending point that… gives you free tickets, before you come back through a security check and go back to the building.
Of course all that when it’s 39ยฐC.
Stupidity at its best.

Maybe it’s time to rethink the entrance of the China Art Museum

The China Art Museum opened his doors in december 2012, so it’s still under construction. You’re not supposed to take pictures of the art, but everyone does it anyway, as soon as security leaves the room.
The collection is rather interesting, you have a lot from traditional to contemporary art, and quite a lot of fun artworks. Many more rooms were still under construction, so if we ever go to Shanghai again, we’ll be back there ๐Ÿ™‚

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